Welcome to YogaBeyond!

YogaBeyond wants to inspire your desire to explore! The body is the gateway on this path. Through yoga practice we give ourselves space and time – to feel, let go, strengthen.

The body moves, the mind quiets, the heart opens.

To feel a deep, inner stability in your life. To be dynamic and fluid. To soften your edges. Not only is this yoga. This is the artistery of movement. On the yoga mat, and in your life.

About Marit:
In 2003, my life went from one extreme to the other – from a ruthless, goal-oriented race against myself to total exhaustion and a complete stop. But then Yoga found me. And a new way of living emerged, in the fine-tuned balance between doing and being, between inhale and exhale.

To really feel that I´m alive – for me this is about connecting to the deep vibration of being in all my doing. This makes space for each moment to fully unfold. Small, insignificant everyday-situations suddenly become magic.

I have a classic hatha-yoga teacher training, and have later deepened my yoga path through yoga therapy training (Susi Harley / Functional Synergy) and biomechanics (Katy Bowman / Nutritious Movement). I offer yoga in various forms and settings – please contact me if you or your group are interested in a yoga experience in the powerful surroundings of artic nature.

I live in Harstad, northern Norway. The sun shines 24 hours in summer – northern lights dance across the sky in the darkness of winter. Nature here is an inspiration and a constant reminder of how life can be lived: open, spacious and powerfully.

Marit Nygård, Brurvikveien 10 b, 9409 Harstad, Norway
Phone: +47 920 65 067, email: marit@yogabeyond.no

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